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Handmade Peppmint Lip Balm

Active Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Yield: 16
Author: Anna


  • Small Saucepan
  • Small (1-2 cup) heat-proof measuring cup with pouring spout
  • Small metal spoon for stirring
  • 15-16 empty lip balm tubes


  • 1/4 cup Coconut Oil
  • 1/4 cup Beeswax Pellets
  • 1 tablespoon Sweet Almond Oil
  • 25-35 drops high quality Peppermint Essential Oil


  • Fill saucepan with a few inches of water, and get it simmering. You're going to be using it like a double-boiler, with the heat-proof measuring cup.
  • Add coconut oil and beeswax pastilles to heat-proof measuring cup, and heat over the simmering water, stirring frequently.
  • When coconut oil and beeswax have both melted, add sweet almond oil, stirring until well mixed.
  • Turn off the heat, and add the peppermint essential oil. 25 drops of high-quality oil makes this a nice mild peppermint balm. 35 makes it really zingy! Chances are, you'll love it somewhere between the two. Start by adding 25 drops and mixing well, then lift the spoon and, using your finger, touch a bit of it to your lips. Do you love it? Does it need a bit more minty zest? Add more peppermint until it's just how you want it, then you're ready to pour into the empty tubes.
  • Now, you can spring for a fancy lip balm filling tray, but honestly, I find it pretty easy to just pour from the spout of the measuring cup and fill each tube - even with a toddler eagerly hovering over my elbow.
  • Carefully pour straight into each tube, and just very slightly over-fill. It will be like water tension holding the oil slightly raised above the surface of the tube. You want to slightly over-fill like this, because the lip balm shrinks a tiny bit as it cools. If you fill it just a little past the surface like this, it will shrink into a nice flat top.
  • Let them cool for a few minutes. At room temperature, they'll be nice and firm within ten minutes. Then put on the caps, label or decorate however you'd like, and you're done!