DIY Orange Spice Christmas Potpourri


Making your own Christmas Potpourri is easy! For this heavenly Orange Spice version, all you need are some oranges, a few spices, and little time. Here's how!

Having a home that always smells amazing is one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season.

How To Make DIY Orange Spice Christmas Potpourri

To whip up a batch of homemade orange spice potpourri, you really only need a few things - dried oranges, and some spices.

Dried Oranges

Drying some orange slices is truly the only time-consuming part of this project. If you already have some dried oranges, you're ready to go! If not, follow this tutorial to dry some orange slices.

Dried whole cloves, or clove piece

Any dried cloves that you'd use for cooking will work well for this project! I often save the broken leftovers from making pomander balls, and add them to my potpourri stash.

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DIY Orange Spice Christmas Potpourri