Simple Crayon Ornaments


These colorful crayon ornaments are fast and easy to make, and use only glitter, broken old crayon pieces, and a silicone mold.

Any household with small kids is bound to generate a fair volume of broken crayons over a year.

How To Make Simple Crayon Ornaments

Materials you'll need:

– Silicone mold (this can be cheap - I'll talk about this more in a bit!) – Broken old crayon – Glitter

Each cavity of the mold gets a little sprinkle (or a dump!) of glitter, then the equivalent of 2-3 whole crayons' worth of pieces. Then another sprinkle of glitter for fun and good measure.

When you're putting everything in the mold, it's easy to wonder how this will ever turn beautiful, but it does.

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Simple Crayon Ornaments